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1) Create a new folder on your desktop and name it "2500 Bonus Pack"  (or whatever name you choose.)

2) Click the download links.

3) Browse to the folder that you just created, and choose 'Save'.

4) After downloading you will need to unzip most of the files.
(If you do not have an Unzip program you will find one here: WinZip)

5) Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your PC -
(You can download it for free here: Adobe Acrobat Reader )

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Audio Training Seminar Series


Internet Marketing eLibrary

Product Name File Size
Traffic Tactics Volumes 1-6 (The Basics, Fast Traffic, Long-Term Traffic, New Wave Traffic Techniques, Monetization Techniques, Optimization Tactics) 1.4 MB
Viral Traffic Generation 2.8 MB
Blogging Basics for Beginners 318 KB
Email Marketing For Newbies 589 KB
Traffic Overdrive 106 KB
Saving Time & Money For Work At Home Entrepreneurs 81 KB
Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques 1.3 MB
Traffic 2.0 461 KB
Positive Thinking To Build Yourself & Your Business 781 KB
Healthy Computing 707 KB

Software, Tools & Resources

Product Name File Size
The Idea Bucket 39 KB
StumbleUpon Bribe Machine 94 KB
Digg Bribe Machine 108 KB
600 Article Private Label Content Pack 1.1 MB
Squeeze Buzz Software 1.1 MB
Internet Marketing Articles - Volume #1 143 KB
Ad Tracker Pro 488 KB
Directory Buzz 1.4 MB
Email Format Pro 235 KB
Opt-In Buzz 1.1 MB
Cloaker Buzz 1.0 MB
Keyword Buzz 1.0 MB
Link Buzz 1.0 MB
Equi Buzz 1.0 MB
Sales Intimidator 4 KB
Keyword Cash Generator 2 MB
Domain Appraisal Software 26 KB
Viral Zip 405 KB
Redirect-It-Pro 1.7 MB
Context Ad Generator 2.0 2 KB
You Can't Block This Popups 76 KB
Traffic Converter Pro 111 KB
eProfit Generator 4.8 MB
CamStudio Video Generator 2.1 MB
Simple Form Builder 65 KB
Audio & Video Postcard Generator 93 KB
Word To Webpage 1.3 MB
Second Chance Profits 116 KB
PDF ProfitLock 20 MB
Sales Page Rapid Fire 1.25 MB
Keyword Niche Power 2.1 MB
Mailing List Manager 380 KB






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