David Rubright
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More About David ...

David is the First Presidential Founder for Anovite (www.WhyAnovite.com). Here's what Anovite has to say about David ....

"We are so happy to have David Rubright as Anovite's first Presidential Founder! David is fun to be around, has a great passion for helping others and is an inspiration to all of us. David is always willing to help others in his business as well as those of us in the Anovite corporate office. David lives in the middle of the Texas Hill Country and is close to his wonderful parents, two sisters and their families. David has extensive experience in network marketing and has spent the past 35 years being passionate about whole foods and educating others on health and nutrition. David is dedicated to his Anovite Team and is an excellent Anovite Presidential Founder that we are proud of. In his free time, David enjoys the Texas outdoor lifestyle/activities and a little Texas Hold'em. He loves animals and has a cute little dog named Honey Mae. Anovite means A New You, and to David Rubright it can also be defined as a way to improve his health and wealth alongside many others! Thank you for being part of the Anovite team, David!"

Have you ever wanted to be more than just another distributor in a company? If you're capable of building a team, I can't make any promises, but Anovite is looking to bring on Key Leaders, those who can build in the field, to become part of our Advisory Committee to actually participate in shaping the company.

I'm sure you're busy, so this may be more responsibility than you're looking for but, I thought I'd extend the opportunity. "Salary + Commission and Much More" for those that qualify. If interested I can send you a 3-page pdf!

FYI... one of the many perks with this position is that you're able to give out Free Intro Packs that are mailed at No cost to you! Check it out here: http://www.PresidentialFoundersWanted.info